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Is this a true story or is it fiction?

Ive Met Someone is a mix of fiction and non-fiction, because of the added story elements please consider it fiction overall. The true events that inspired the story happened on a different timeline, the names of the people involved in the story have been altered and some events were added for dramatic effect.
Eventually I will make something that outlines what is fact VS fiction, probably a bonus read once the story is complete.

Are the events of this story happening in real time?

No, nothing in the story is happening in real time. The most recent event that was incorporated into the story happened a little over a year ago. Events that inspired this story happened anywhere from 1 - 10 years ago. However, Ive Met Someone is purposely written to feel current.

Is this story posted on Webtoons?

Yes, here is the link to my comic on webtoons: Ive Met Someone
The comic updates every Saturday on Webtoons and Tapas, after that it gets posted to Instagram in smaller chunks.